Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer is HERE!

Parks has been on a 3.5 week vacation from Mom's Day Out...he starts back to the their summer program next week! So I have been having to find alot of activities for us! But its already in the mid 90s and so humid outside, the best activity I've found is SWIMMING! Parks LOVES to go swimming and I LOVE to get sun! So we get along great :) And afterwards he is sooo exhausted he falls sounds asleep before we even make it home! Parks has really enjoyed swimming with his friends Anniston & Emma Reid! This is such great fun for them! The days we don't go to the big pool, we stay at home and enjoy our mini blow-up version! We had a great visit from Addison Gay recently and she was able to enjoy some swimming with Parks man! His favorite summer activities so far are SWIMMING and EATING ICE CREAM CONES! I couldn't think of a better way to enjoy the summer!


  1. looks like fun! just wanted to say hey! Such a precious little family!

    AOT..Lauren Green Justiss

  2. Parks Looks Just like will in that next to last picture. It is CRAZY!!! We love the pool around here too. Nora is like a little fish and Audrey is will on her way too! ;)